Morning mist, heavy eyes,lazy looks,

stretching the arms to the ends,

bending and standing slowly through…


Steps stumbling, yawns trembling,

what a lazy morning the weekend brings through!


Believing  this ,I open the glass doors,

a fresh breeze gushes suddenly indoors…


Instantly my eyes go wide,

tresses blowing,

smile  broadening,

blood starts rushing in a faster pace,

from the inner heart to the  ends of toe and brain…









The aurous charming rays of  the rise,

coolness of the wind that smiles,

joyous dancing of the birds,

fluttering in the trees and above…


Hastily I change in a bright coloured  tee

 with  lowers below,

humming to the tunes of a song,

putting on the shoes …I  trod ..

merrily ushering the laziness ..

with a sweep erase the tod…


On the sides of the golden waters,

walking and gazing at the morning atmosphere,

a beautiful sense of joy gets infused,

filling in me the enthusiasm reduced…


Rejuvenating, reanimating,

freshness leaps… like waves rebound,

transforming a  sloth ,

into a wonderful zealous new born!

42 thoughts on “A WEEKEND MORN!

  1. Excellent. I generally hate weekends. Sundays are depressing for me. Hoping that I may be able to find some ways to make my weekends exciting 🙂

    1. Hope you will be finding new ways soon to get up wth your depressions and your sundays will be as interesting as others.. Thanks for reading this… 🙂

  2. It’s a cyber morning for me… 🙂
    There has not been any sun here for four days now 😦
    Nice poem, Soumya. 🙂

  3. For this I love you! Beautiful poetry,…and daughters…all our daughters, what jewels, what pearls, what precious beauty…as a father of three wonderful daughters I appreciate your words so much! We will read this together tonight, daughters and I, their grumpy old father!…

  4. So well-described! Weekend mornings have always been ultra-lazy for me.
    All the bodyache comes and settles in each cell on that particular morning…
    Ofocurse a beautiful morning breeze can do the trick of making you feel alive once again!

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