Into the depths of  the heart,

a  journey is undertaken in solitude ,

walking alone on the rough edges,

The sole gets hurt with piercing  pain…








The road which goes within,

into the dwellings of the stream,

whose source is the rich mute bosom ,

from where it flows endlessly with water  pristine…

is never traversed with anyone,

people around,or amidst the crowd…

the journey of  this kind…

is rare and occasionally  found….


But moments in life do concur,

 bring to light such endeavour,

when everyone has to map this distance ,

the gap with conscience, depth and wisdom…

to carry forth the life’s continous wave …

for ceaseless never ending ritual…









Destined it is for every soul,

be it now or later unknown,

groping in the dark some fall,

some get dazzled by the luminous core,

Varying feelings, varying thoughts,

according to the body and mind’s ball,

…Such a moment is sure to  begin…

when we stand alone on the path…

and set about  the  journey within …

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27 thoughts on “A SOLITARY JOURNEY

    1. Hey Thanks! I wrote the word… “sole” deliberately….to be read as “soul” and “sole” as on a travel,your sole gets inpain by the rough edges..and in life your soul gets hurt by such edges..

      1. Oh! Well, thanks for enlightning me about that…that was a great one. Could never think in that way…
        If only this poetry piece was composed in hindi, you could call it “slesh alankar”.. 😀 is there any term coined for it in english poetry? 😕
        Thanks and Enjoy!

        1. Oh Thanks for enlightening me wth a vocab from Hindi language too! I am nt sure but it might be some sort of “pun” ..tht is the term that can be used for this..

  1. They say the longest, most difficult and yet beautiful journey is the one we have to make to find our true selves inside us. “Rare and occasionally found….”. Wonderful, Soumya.

  2. The real sharing and caring creative spirit always seems to follow a less traveled road…because it is not always a easy one, we encounter much and so we are able to share much, much more than most people…yet that is our cross to bear and we do it joyously…because we actually see where we are headed and the impact that we make each day in many lives. Your gift is always wonderful, and your poem accented by the images moves my heart…i feel your words deeply…but know you are not alone, the beauty of it is though the journey within seems solitary it leads to One who has always been by our side every step of the way, and we will share a eternity of joy at its end! Beautifully done my dear sister!

    1. Very rightly said Wendell!that the journey we undertake seems solitary but is and with the ONE who has been always with us through ages and births,in every moment irrespective of anything. The bliss of knowing and realizing this is more than accomplishing anything else and this in itself leads to the happiness and contentment in the circumstances in which we live,which in turn give us various outlooks to the ways of life ,exposing us to many different conditions and scenarios.I agree wholly with you that this is the road less travelled for it is not easy and difficult to stay on..but is the ideal and perfect one for us who believe in it. Iam really overwhelmed these lines touched your heart.

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