Night dawns ,darkness pervades,

nocturnals make some noise,

outside the walls enclosing the minds…


Silently the quiet  breath echoes in the air,

disseminating fragrance of  scattered flowers,

warmness gets coiled within,

ticker thumps get  rhythmic …


Blossoms of emotions diffuse in  the air,

illuminating the dark chamber with

spark of the fire…


tactile sensations try to be allusive,

vibrant senses,

sensed by the touch modality…


enkindled ,ignited with fuel of awakening,

experience the delightful ,enamoured

journey of  loverhood…


15 thoughts on “LOVERHOOD

  1. hey hi soumya… well you have the varisety in each of your blogs. Could i know what makes you to think indifferently when others do’nt, which infact was a common thing went unnoticed.
    One more thing, when you write every blog, is there any imaginery picture going on through your mind

    1. Thank shiv for dropping by and going through theposts.I appreciate the way you conclude them and have a opinion about the writing and the work. Every poem of mine has something or other to say,a thought or a feeling ,an experience or something observed is enough to put it in the form of a verse..the thing needed is just the right emotion for it.

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