Wait for a second,

turn around,

it was your life…

that got lost in the strife!


What do you see?


people flocking on streets, 


noise ruling the surroundings….?


Think again,you were there till yesterday,

amongst the lost mob stranded,

in endless search of prosperity,

erasing the gifts possessed…


Running hastily to the work,

everyday you stumbled,

a hand which held you  from falling,

you forgot to always thank her…


Never for a second you stopped and breathed,

the fresh new air of life,

never observed the buds blooming,

nor the sunrise…








Gone are the times.days of past,

never shall they be back again,

The moment when you realized the  essence,

lost was the reason of happiness…


Get up! you dumb hearted dumb minds of today!                                                                              

before it gets too late,

rise,awaken your self…to see and experience,

the real bliss and happiness,

through the eyes of your loved ones ,

amidst the lap of nature,

gratifying shall be the soul,

when you shall  be thankful to the creator…



43 thoughts on “AWAKEN !

  1. So much people out there should read this poem and realize they are wasting they’re lives on things they can’t take with them into the grave. They feel so important, yet they fail to realize that they haven’t done anything that people will remember them for.

    1. thank you so much Daan for the words that you said here. Indeed its time to realize before it gets late for everyone who is busy in running… Iam glad you could co relate this.

  2. Unfortunately that’s true & as John Lennon says “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”….. wise closure Soumya; stay blessed

    Peace & Light

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