This week’s writing challenge is to finish “I wish I were…” and here is my beautiful small wish…..











I wish I were an angel of  the heaven,

from where I could  get  a glance ,

of everyone on this beautiful earth,

peeping inside their minds and hearts…


I wish I could sprinkle some humanity on the barren land,

where humans have forgotten to respect their species and  clan…

I wish I could use my wand and let sorrows vanish from the broken  hearts,

spreading a bit of golden  sunshine in everyone’s empty courtyard…








(photocredit: abstract.desktopnexus.com)



I wish I could twirl around…

and do some magic to re-liven the spirits

of the dead souls on the earth,

who are supposed to be exquisite…


I wish I could talk to the ones,

who have loved me so  dearly,

that Iam not born to be with them…

but here for some other important responsibility…


I wish I could show the mirror of the mind to the lonesome losers,

showing them the power within to change the world in a  second…


I wish I were  able to express my feelings that lay  subdued within,

To the one whom I adored ,who got lost in life’s living…




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  2. Lovely! And you are not less than an Angel! May be a human, you still bring smile to my face, no matter how upset I be! You still mend my broken smiles! And it’s always soothing talking to you! 🙂

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