In the dusts of time ,I am merely a particle blown away,

from deserts to plains, mountains and vales,

in the weather of the time,in any condition,

I just froze and sometimes got melted…


Where do I lie?what is my place?

within the infinite space,

Are there any co ordinates,

that hold me in their state?


I am just a speck in the whole universe,

does my existence …

create a difference to others?

 I am an atom of  the past ,

displacing and inciting the moments,

moving, proceeding,

transcending from the shrivels of the  time…


Lost in the storms of  yearses,

drenched in  rains, scorched in the sun,

The tiny particle of the creation…

survives the drastic changes of the world….


41 thoughts on “I AM A PARTICLE

  1. What a truly gorgeous piece of writing this is. I so wish I’d written a poem as amazing as this. And yes I do often question the role of our existence, whether or not we matter or are simply just matter. Great work = )

  2. You matter and all that you do and share each day matters very much! You illuminate many hearts, minds, and spirits with your the pure radiance of your wisdom and love. For your touch lifts many to a different place in their lives when a lot of days just are not going right! And what you share provides a safe haven in their minds and spirits knowing that they can always be lifted by a friend and sister! More than a particle you are, how many have told you that one of your poems has really made and lifted their day, changing its complexion from gloomy to bright! Our spirits last forever, and so you will always be treasured in this life and in the forever to come by many who are blessed to know you! Never doubt the importance of your being! You are a true blessing, especially to me each day! Much love to you my sister!

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words in form of pure blessings.Iam fortunate enough to have known persons like you who have valued and inspired my thoughts and verses. I still consider myself to be a particle,for in front of HIM ,we are so tiny, our existence is negligible… You and everyone appreciated my words and could connect to them was destined to come across me and inspire and get inspired. Iam humbly touched Wendell…for you always leave me speechless.

  3. aren’t we all just tiny atoms of the infinite!
    loved the flow but didn’t feel good to what birthed it; may you be fine…. & you do make a difference..

    Peace & Light

  4. This is inspiring: “The tiny particle of the creation…survives the drastic changes of the world”

    We are pebbles of world, and to observe life in questions, we do unearth life.
    Beautifully penned. I love your new gravatar image. Blessings and love. 🙂

  5. “I just froze and sometimes got melted”…we do wonder if we make a difference. If it’ s noticed either we are frozen or melted by somebody. And, first of all, if it’ s even noticed by us ourselves. Wonderful!

  6. It will be apt if I summarise my response with a poem I love:-
    From Dust To Dust

    This body will perish must
    From air to air, from dust to dust
    Or Water to water…
    Yet we fight!
    For our right to win the Flesh, The Buck, the Power..
    But Nothing will remain.
    Neighbor will laugh at my folly,
    In my absence,
    Because I was silly
    Committing the same mistake.
    Knowing nothing remains….
    Everybody will go from ash to ashes,
    From dust to dust…
    From fire we come,
    Remain in Water,
    Stay in Fire and go to Dust!

    Nilakshi Das

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