I wouldn’t mind holding you and losing myself in you,

as the breath of air merges  and blends together,

difficult to distinguish mine from yours…

Close enough to feel the thundering beats ,

my pulse increases when they vibrate me…

feelings intensify, compounding in multiples,

emotions potent of great secure…

stirring the mind are the stimulating senses,

evoking moments ,

 intoxicating smoke fills the atmosphere…

Intriguing thoughts in the mesmerizing eyes,

hypnotized gets the disillusioned  mind,

 bewitched with the  torridness

You and  me in such a splendour,

in your arms,

lies immense enchantment ! My dear!

31 thoughts on “An embrace!

  1. Now I am confused! If it’s love or it’s God! “Intoxicating Smoke fills…” is the line that confused me! But while thinking of the love, I could feel it! Beautiful! 🙂

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