Mysterious dark night  brightened in moon-lite,

ardent atmosphere soaking the spirit of love,

your phrases wooing with grandeur,

I remain calm with all my fervor…


Journey of space between traversed,

within few minutes of  getting accustomed,

soliciting expressions  made verbal,

you asking for explicit behaviour!


I stop and pause this moment here,

For this isn’t the path I admired,

mute and speechless I remain,

my blushes are the ones I cannot tame!


What loving and zealous the brightness feels,

still somewhere within my heart weeps,

Alas! ablaze is the flare …

burning within…

Hoping and desiring

for a momentous begin…








35 thoughts on “ABLAZE

  1. Beautiful! Missed out many posts, I know! Have been doing busy with all the Pooja and Performances! Will catch up the roll soon! And this was simply beautiful! Enough to make it felt! 🙂

  2. I am given to understand that readers’ perception of any writeup is coloured by their state of mind and not so much as what the writer is trying to say. So it might just be me, but it fits well for one of my friends who is having a terrible marriage.
    Amazing play of words !

    1. Thank you Tatsat for reading and going through this.Yes mostly it depends on the reader how and what perception he carries for the words.The same set of words may have different meaning for another..as for me Iam glad you could co relate to something form this.

  3. Pawan Hira

    It is a moment well captured, and I can see you alive. It is in surrender to the love, you chance upon beautiful things in life. This sudden moment of light, I love. Your journey is beautiful, Soumya. 🙂

  4. Don’t know why I’ve seen a heart-torn-page behind this:( may it all be well
    &by the way tame not your blush; “Blushing is the color of virtue”…

    Peace & Light

    1. Thank you Mira for seeing the page behind..Just a momentary one…Impulsive one rather.Guess we all go thru such instances sometime… and yes by the time Iam replying you back..al becomes fine again!

  5. i believe in your concluding words- i dont think there are two souls that are each other’s clone. 🙂 we become friends, lasting friends with compatible souls not our clones i guess…

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