” Honestly , I have a crush on you,”

he uttered with a soft whisper,

A little surprise and with a blush,

she moved aside her locks ,

to have a glimpse of her own …

“Is he joking or having fun,

teasing me with a brilliant pun”,

wondered she with confused thoughts,

his words had broken her silence form…

“Your words ,your smile…

you in every form,

I would  love to be with you

in dreams to adorn…

the dried withered heart of mine,

which laughs and laughs..

and when alone it whines…”

confessed the young charming man,

in the middle of darkness,

when the world sleeps ,

but his feelings uncapped…

“Give me a drop of passion you have ,

to let me get the taste of it,

how does it feel to have a heart…

full of passion for everything”,

His voice echoed in her ears,

smilingly she sipped some water…

and said 

“You will get the passion you want ,

even if you are a separate entity,

If words connect thoughts,

feelings bond the  hearts,

emotions tie the souls within,

You will float in a passionate form,

amidst this mean  world of  living beings…”





32 thoughts on “A DROP OF PASSION

              1. Nirmal Bajwa

                true its like fragrance, you can only feel it, but in explaining probably all words will fail. but a poet helps in uncovering the mystery of nature through intution.

                  1. Nirmal Bajwa

                    i fully agree with you saumya in this. i feel poetry comes to you. it is bestowed upon you.
                    one can’t plan and write. it does not have logic. may be its an outflow of love.

                    1. Nirmal Bajwa

                      and you are a blssed soul dear. God bless.

                      i feel the world will be more beautiful, if our news paper have headlines of artists, musucians, poetry rather than covering scams and murders.

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