I stand on your  doorsteps ,

to find the gates locked,

I am thirsty ..and so is my soul.


Magnificent  walls,

taller pillars,

decorated with myriad …

…dreams of heaven.


To unlock and open ..

I haven’t learnt,

for the keys to this gateway

have got lost…


Just one turn and click open,

the latch of this cell ,

to let me step in,

the world of your transfinite…


In your feet …

on my knees….

Intensely  and …

with gravity…

I await 

 for a glimpse of your benevolence ….



20 thoughts on “GATEWAY

  1. You know a day without your poems, would be like a day without the sun’s morning smile! Your flowers of praise are always received lovingly by Him each day…for you are one of his most favorite treasures!

    1. soumyav

      That is so kind of you to say and I feel blessed and lucky to get that privilege of writing in HIS praise and glory.for without him , there would be no morning for me to start.

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