Behind the iron grill  of chequers ,

beneath the tiny shadow of imagery,

tweeted a tiny sparrow every morning

with shrilling notes of high  pitch,

in her  sweet voice and harmony…

He who lived across the wall,

He loved the pure voice of hers,

which was the only reason for his smile returned,

enclosed within the chambers dark,

this euphony was his spirit to embark…

Gold coloured when outside was,

his dwelling still remained black,

the moment beautiful notes reached his ears,

the morose turned into a resilient…

Decades of his  life passed thus,

inside the walls of the prison,

the mundane of the little bird,

remained same with that of the sordid  prisoner….

One morn,

the aureate rays dawned,

surprisingly reaching to the darkened nook,

illuminating the sides of wall,

with refreshing air of  love…

Contrary to the routine,

the unseen bird was nowhere seen,

silence gripped the bare walls,

the sun rays today touched the …

captive’s soul…

freeing him from the dull cell…

to be liberated from the trussed  earthly  chains….



18 thoughts on “THE CAPTIVE

    1. That is too much of you to say so! 🙂 Iam more than honoured! but that doesn’t give you any excuse or reason to skip form commenting… 😉

  1. This poetry is beautiful you know! For the last few day I have been trying to feel all that a prisoner in a solitary cell feels! I wanted to write something like this! Loved to read this! And amazed how easily I can read what I have been looking for! 🙂

  2. Intense portrayal of this voice, it is ready to open and fly.
    You share feelings, and it moves people to your light of divination. It connects beautifully. 🙂

    1. Thank you Paula for reading this and sharing with us your thought! Its touching to see you co relating wth the lines..

  3. No reasons apart, with the feelings shared in between 2 similar world’s which lie within us. Which needs a break of all those barrier put by us. which we find something different on the two sides of the wall. I hope it wasn’t related to this. but felt to share wid u.

    Anyways about yor writings.its simply awesome. making me feel hungry day by day. keep writing. and keep sharing your nice thoughts.

    1. You read it very correctly dear.for the logical mind its just a prison and the walls ..and for the subconsious mind its the barrier which holds us away indarkness away from the eternal light of the world.the universe, and the little bird is a voice that always keeps us calling on walk on this path.. thanks for reading

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