Shot and wounded he fell in the middle of the street,

drenched in the red coloured life oozing endlessly,

who is he! the mob gossiped,

watching and remarking ,

with incessant points…

Is he a goon,a robber,or a thief,

a miscreant or has a criminal streak?

Shadows  moved on giving several expressions,

the gore exhibited  destructive  flood of manhood…

Who shot him?for what reason?

thousands of brains ,ten thousand notions…

From  the scorching sun of noon

till the twilight,he lay there,

amidst the eyes of daylight!

Dusk brought cold air from far off,

cooling his body ,drying the liquid on…

An image emerged from nowhere,

clinged to the fallen one with despair!

Screams echoed,the thin dirt layer of air,

people around were deaf and away from langour!

Moments later,the excruciating one became still,

next morning the newspapers,flashed the scene and revealed,

innocent killing of a brilliant student…

in the name of honour…slayed before  common…

Authorities, administration,governing bodies,

engrossed in their mean games of  power and money,

families  joint but  hearts divided,

humans are considered …as mere shooting targets…

forgotten are the terms of humanity,

some kill innocence, somewhere love strangled,

few become witness,

to the murderous heinous dissemble…

Before the thin waters wash out the conscience,

humanity loses its nomenclature,

raise a voice against the homicidal nature,

Awaken your self to help every human of this  creation!

39 thoughts on “INHUMANE HUMANS !

    1. Thank you Tapish! The most shameful and derogatory act of man in the name of humanity and the fear of even believing in self,both are leading to this.

    1. that is the true reflection of how fear rules our mind and how the system has gone in a wrong direction to induce fear of it in minds…. loosing faith in everything around us.

  1. The image and your words aptly bring to life the unfortunate horror that innocents encounter everyday around the world. Where is the love, surely there is none in their hearts but only a heathen mentality, praising self. Your poem and image is a very strong message which will leave many to think and ponder! I love it, dear sister!

    1. Very true Wendell! Humans have lost the heart full of love and instead filled it with hatred and petty things. The world around and the way it is going sometimes shock us. Time to feel, think and act.

  2. A gripping and powerful poem full of passion and longing for a more humane society. so many feel your pain but do not have the words to express it this way. BRAVO1

    1. Thank you so much June! the desire of having a society and world of humans having compassion for one and all equally is the dream..

  3. Soumya, like always, extremely powerful depiction.
    This might sound depressing, but I think mankind has always been “every man for himself”. We have to accept the evils in this world and make ourselves strong enough to fight them. I hate saying this, but every person has to fight his own battle.
    And why do I say this?Because millenniums of philosophy, religion and other attempts to rid the world of its “evils” have failed.
    What you have so beautifully portrayed is a dirty reality. Yet it is one that I do not believe can be eliminated by universal awakening.
    Nietzsche considered “power” to be a virtue while Socrates considered “knowledge” to be a virtue. I think that we have moved from Socrates’ utopia to Nietzsche’s reality.

    And this is happening also because our governments are not performing their foremost duty, to protect its citizens and their rights! I, as a human being do not expect anyone to help me in time of need, but if there is humanity, I would expect them to fight for justice when I have been victimized.

    1. Thank you Raunak for sharing your valuable opinion and also the thoughts. Its true that man always has been for himself and this has been since ages.But that is where the question of humanity arises,just because it happens doesn’t mean its correct.Everyone should be independent and be able to care of themselves ,but the word compassion is for humans only and that needs to be infused,imbibed.
      few words from me won’t change the society ,as preachers,leaders haven’t been able to do so,but few readers reading this would for a second think about it.
      Morever I write about the feelings and thoughts that are important to me,not necessary all will agree to it. After its life,everyone has his own opinion.
      The thought I shared here wasn’t only about the help that needed to be done,but also about teh honour killings that happen everywhere in the name of religion,love,status. For that should not be acceptable by anyone anywhere in this world.

      1. 🙂 it is true that such horrific incidents should not be acceptable! unfortunately, in India, a majority of our population has stopped thinking logically or with compassion. They have been forced to become like this by years of bad governance by our politicians. Utter poverty has prevented our population to think beyond means to get the next meal. Hence the complete disintegration of morals in our social fabric.

        I wish we could regain our ancient glory, but sadly, its not possible anymore.
        It amazes me how you are able to convey such strong thoughts in the form of a beautiful poem. Brilliant!

        1. Very true that the situation in our society has become so pitiful. Thanks for the encouragement and words Raunak.

          I know its an upheaval task,
          beyond the reach of a single man,
          to change the structure and the form,
          for eradicating acts of shame,
          I try to express some words,
          which lets anyone stumble on
          to think and ponder for a moment,
          while stopping by my blog along,
          A moment if anyone halts,
          my poem bringing a smile to think on,
          I think my wish is fulfilled …
          though it is just a drop in …
          the gigantic ocean of reform…

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