Disappeared  from the canvas of my painting,

the lines of the sketched figure,

whose glosses  faded out in the sun…

vanishing in the atmosphere.




The muse of the art,

dissolved in the ambience invisible,

fragments of whose entity,

are seen floating in the air…




The shards of the incomplete one,

evaporized and dispersed above,

the nude canvas remained,

waiting for the shower of the colours…




Blazons of the mural ,

I gather and retrieve patiently,

endless patience I needed,

to accumulate the pieces in my palette…




Once again I set forth,

with my favourite radiant colours,

applying tinges to the picture,

to create another one which is spectacular!



22 thoughts on “MUSE

  1. drsuraiyanasim

    This was one nostalgic…..haunting….but with a sweet happy ending to put a smile back on our faces. 🙂
    One of your best definitely!

    1. soumyav

      Thank you dear! your words always bring smile on my face,irrespective of any typre of post and topic! 🙂 thank you again suri!

  2. Truly Lovely!
    Your blog looks so very beautiful!
    And this post is my favorite composition of yours!! :):)
    Can feel the memories! Can feel the zeal you have to make an all new start!

    1. soumyav

      Thanks Pankaj! your favourites on my post keep on changing everytime 😉 ..good for me! thanks,changed the old theme,got bored with that.. this one looks pretty nice.

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