Wow! For the first time I am posting something for the photo challenge! Well ! rather than the challenge of photos,its always a challenge for everyone nowadays as to reply what makes them happy? What a simple question a nd simple should be the answer.

The things which bring smile on our face instantly without selfish thoughts- can be termed as the ones which make us happy.

For me,my cutie baby girl’s smile and her mischievous look brings happiness.

A walk on the beach in the cooling sandsย  during the sunset makes me more than happy.

The colourful bunch of flowers which decorate my home and my life.

The fluorescent greenery of the mountains with clouds hovering on them is a real pleasure to the eyes.

Moments spent near a rocky sea,where the waves collide noisilyย  and go back silently taking away all turbulence within.

A delicate pair of earrings which bring spark to my face do certainlyย  sparkle my eyes…

My prized possession ,my finger ring! Because that is connected to my life! to my soul .


  1. A ‘Like’ or ‘Vote’ or words of appreciation is an insult here!Wherever it concerns my Princess, it’s something ‘Close to my heart’! Lovely! Lovely Lovely! Kinni badi ho gayi Princess!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

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