With fear filled hearts, disarrayed minds,

how long will you walk on this path ! O! beings of  Mankind!


What makes you so weak that you tremble and shake,

seeing an obstacle in your way,

When there are hands to pick you up as a flower,

and decorate  in the perfect place…



What  makes you  feeble in times of truth and verity,

when you should be firm and unwavering,

Don’t you know there is a someone  to hold you strongly,

in tough difficult phases of the living…




Why then you struggle with your thoughts,

and kill thy emotions that are so strong,

Have you forgotten that you are the child ..

of the Majestic one who rules the Universal life…




He sees no tears in anyone’s eyes,

nor he sleeps till you are relaxed and fine,

He heaves a sigh when a thorn pierces your feet,

but makes you courageous by letting you walk in the stream…




O! Human beings of this world!

Be confident and have faith in the most Precious one !

He is there with you  at every step,silently holding you when you need…

Brush aside the fearfulness,dust away the disbelief,

March ahead with dynamic steps,to reach your goal with  life and  spirit!








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