Don’t get tensed after you read this,

were the last words your ink had written,

Can I hear  more from you,

to cling on to …

…to  save me from falling ..

from the edge of the life’s cliff!



The endpoint where I stand and hold,

a strong rock within its manifold,

Is the only thing that makes me swing,

even in the dangerous ravine next door!



Your words etched on the mind,

deeply engraved inside,

calm my senses and the restless feelings,

That you are there in disturbing times…



The cliff from where I fear to fall off,

Has a deep valley  on the other side,

leading onto a path of sadness,

As a  withered soul in mere existence.


21 thoughts on “YOUR LAST WORDS

  1. reminds me of Tupac’s song “Life Goes On” and its line:
    “Bury me smiling’ with g’s in my pocket,have a party at my funeral let every rapper rock it …”

      1. elamany

        🙂 🙂 🙂
        what can i say … you really deserve more … cant find the words, and i just want to salute and bring happiness and joy to you as you bring to us with your words .. thank you

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