With the satin sheet of silken feel the blue sky  gives nostalgia within,
amidst the twinkling gems studded in between which bedeck the  lazuline  linen,
glows a luminescent gleam radiative bright red and fiery,
staring at the entities of the huge gigantic galaxy ….
Closer to the glowing fireball than the living  confrere ,
It heaves a sigh seeing the beautiful life there in,
varicoloured,bright shades appear,
as its glances from one magnetic pole to the other end of sea…
Myriad living organisms  in the network of  life,
Oblivious of the one who is glaring them with suspire,
It dreams of having such an pleasant atmosphere ,
where the colourful life could dwell in its sphere!
Mutely it asks the creator of the universe,
Why such biased feeling while creating the globes that are so mere,
Why should Earth have all it has,
devoiding rest of the planets with precious acquisitions…
Mercurius cries wailingly ,
appealing to the precious One,
what made me become such a hotter one,
was it the errand of Larunda that made me suffer,
 Did you forget I was the dearest messenger of yours? 

11 thoughts on “MERCURY-THE RED PLANET

  1. and mercury was blessed by giving it the position nearest to the Sun…keeping it closest to the Light and Source of all energy in the galaxy.
    …in astrology, Mercury is associated with writing and communication skills 🙂 your mercury seems to be placed well 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thank you Raunak! for assuring me about my Mercury position! Hope other planets too are in a wll place of mine.. 🙂 :-).Of course! Mercury got a position nearest to SUn!

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