From venom in  the ducts of blood,

to the suffocation in the air we breathe,

The blindness in the vision we have,

to the polluted words that we speak…

there’s befoulment at every  step,

contamination of feelings in every molecule of wind…


Infected by egotism,

swelled head is the main reason,

malicious desire of growing up with  riches and ease …

is the sole culprit of the vicious ones.



Condemnable words of rebuking everyone,

deplorable actions which imply the narrowed 

wretched thinkings to pull down others,

reasoning this is the right mode to step up…



Pollution in the air,pollutants are we,

what a place of contamination this ..

beautiful world turn into be?

pitiful ,miserable conditions of the mind and body,

The heart already died while seeing the blasphemy!!!



Innumerable rinses of love and pureness,

several thousand tons of sinless innocence,

innocuous thoughts : impeccant feelings,

Shall once again make this place  worth to live in!



19 thoughts on “POLLUTION IN THE MIND!

  1. drsuraiyanasim

    Oh saumya….this is so insightful and well-written….Such thoughts were running in my mind today…and look u have written a wonderful poem on it…!!!

  2. this is a very wise poem soumyav.

    we will never get high if we drag others down, we will land in a place lower than them.

    i share your views about human mind, and believe in replacing those toxic feelings with positive ones, but thats almost synonymous to suicide in present world- yet i try.

  3. We humans speak about the adverse effect of the pollution which is going n, and yet we live in. There are times where wrong doings are done by us, but yet we continue the same. Atleast there will be some day, when earth will revoke its acceptance towards the acceptance of the doings done by us.

    Nicely written and your way of expression is superub. which makes every reader gets attracted towards it.
    keep writing

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