Why is it that I get crushed everytime when the work is done,

extracting every drop of juice from my fibrous stem ,

you leave me dried and shrivelled, lying dead somewhere.




How beautiful I look while Iam alive,

swinging ,swaying in the fields,

flourishing and prospering in the green…









Soothing to eyes ,serene to feel,

freshness to experience the palpate,

long slender leaves of mine…




have you ever watched me  from the hill behind,

Iam a vast expanse of  verdancy ,

In your  brown shaded planet dying…

Or like an innocent heart squeezed 

to lose its shape….

In the organic structure of a Homo sapien!







29 thoughts on “VERDANCY

  1. This is a wonderful message from nature… Am surpised that someone who has a joint patent in metallurgy can be so creative and poetic… Hats off to you 🙂

  2. In her beautiful flow, we see depth of our image. It is her reflecting aura, which propels us to see life as a flow. Wonderful message, Soumya.

  3. People…well, we…mostly perceive nature around us as something to be taken for granted and to be used in any possible and impossible way according to our needs. Rarely considering that everything has its limits and what happens when they will be exceeded. What’ s next then? Thank you, Soumya, for the thoughtful and beautiful poem.

    1. Very truly said dear! we take everything for granted lest thinking what can be the outcome,sometimes feels nature too has emotions like us..and it too cries while seeing such treatment.

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