Is the flame of my love still ablaze in your soul,

or have the strong winds blown  away and extinguished the flame of love,

In the cyclones  as you walk, in the hurricanes you combat,

has the tornado put off the flame of mine in your heart!

If its still burning with vigour and is in a splendour form,

Why do you fear the winds that come in the terrible storms,

The warmth of my burning wick shall keep you always secured,

even in dying winters when you freeze and ail…

The light of my love will illuminate your darkened road,

guiding back to the camp where your body pillows,

till your expedition is  accomplished,

fighting against the normal frights and dread…

The golden radiance of the flame flickers when you torment,

Its intensity will consistently remain to be with you in every place,

filling my absence in the world,

where you struggle and should never succumb…

keep the flame of  my love enkindled,

for eternal and as  aeonian…

28 thoughts on “THE FLAME OF MY LOVE

  1. Sp beautifully amazing…i was captured by its lasting beauty in the words that flowed effortlessly from within your self-less heart! The image lit up my morning and i have a smile, a beautiful smile because of your sweet blessing of word. I loved your poem my sister…masterfully done!

  2. Truly wonderful! I love the line: “The warmth of my burning wick shall keep you always secured”. When flames are so different in one or another moment of life, I find it important to feel that security, trust deep down inside.

  3. strong and profound words Soumya!beautifully laid out.
    experience has shown me that it is better to let the winds extinguish the flames…over time, the flames turn into a destructive negative energy that do not allow new relationships to form.
    then again, these thoughts apply only to me and every person’s emotional acumen is different.

    1. Thanks Raunak for liking! indeed the experience is different for each one of us and I respect your feelings ,as it must have been best for you to do so. BUt I wrote this in context to a flame that is present in partnerswho are together,still they forget about it or dnt let it be the guiding one and get pinned down by stress and pressure.

        1. NO nthng wrong it! I just leave it to the reader who can take whatever he/she can from the poem.It is open with all the feelings and I feel glad if anybody can corelate with it.

  4. What is this flame of love that you pierce through me….Wow!

    “…If its still burning with vigour and is in a splendour form,
    Why do you fear the winds that come in the terrible storms…”

    Intensity in each line — it connects with a higher self. It is about speaking faith and to move in faith. The flame is always there, it has been since the origin. It is in our hands to let the flame guide us through this journey. It is a calling, Soumya. Beautifully penned.
    This is what my heart read, perhaps the voices echo over and again. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Pawan. You read it accurately with the calling and the feeling. It talks about the flame which is very much present,but we dnt let it guide us .It is about faith in love of every level. 🙂

  5. flame of love is a mysterious flame, sometimes it extinguishes without any reason at all and sometimes nothing waivers it- nothing at all.

    you are an amazing poet soumyav- your poems capture your beauty

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