The magnetism of your charisma,
attracted my life force,
beholding a wish in the eyes,
I stargazed …
Undefiled thoughts rained,
drenching me for a while,
intoxicating  fragrances of dreams,
I emitted…
Splendour feelings shined,
as drops of precious gems,
sparkling stars all over me,
I bedecked…
Plunged and engrossed in the illusion,
Doused were the emotions,
dehydrated I became…
As I woke up…

24 thoughts on “THE CHARISMA

      1. yes- you are so right, I have one there too, plz start blogging there, we can submit posts to our both blogs, yours and…??? may I know the url?
        wordpress is really wonderful, I love this

  1. Simply gorgeuous and enchanting…”Drops of precious gems..” Loved the dream….it was intoxicating.

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