Origami in the imagination,
flourishing ideas surface ,
sailing paper boat moves swiftly…
in the muddy waters along the gate….
jumping,sliding through the waves,
getting stuck on every bend,
little boat of imagination,
floating innocently in the rains…
down she moves,turns around,
waits for a second and spins to the ground,
again she gets a push from behind,
the queen of dreams sets sailing forthright.
watching the boat and pursuing the trail,
getting wet with the drizzling queen,
running after the white sail,
crossing and leaping each puddle….
Innocent minds run after the boat,
the beautiful one of origami shown,
without  fear of any sort,
the little ones follow their dream path…

22 thoughts on “THE WHITE BOAT

      1. Indeed i do…..for you have so many interesting and varied topics….i like your versatality and the way you use your words. 🙂

  1. No! No monotonous poems in your blog Soumyav. This one is extremely good and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you and well done. Ralph x 🙂

  2. Once i made a boat, and sailed it in the sea,,
    Had an amazing journey, Just me and she.
    Sun sat early that day, and moon stayed longer..
    Counted the starts, she danced, while i hold her,
    Until the stars, disappear and vanish, probably shy,
    In the dawn of yet another start, magnificent sky.
    shore came early to my expectations.
    May be i was in love with the sea, stars falling,
    may be the water was frozen, calling..
    may be the stars were shy, and sky, grey
    may be dawn was there to stay..
    my boat was wounded and i was cold..
    but for the sake of it all, and you, i hold
    Once i made a boat and sailed it in the sea…

  3. At the first read, I took didn’t think anything other than a sweet little kid playing with a paper boat! But I knew it was not that was in. I could then see DREAM as materialistic as never before! Powerful! 🙂

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