An early morn,
when I saw myself in the mirror of the hall,
I was shocked to see,  small fragments in a scattered form…
Frightened I… ran to a  nearby river,noble and clear,
sitting on the banks , I looked for the image that shone
I was flabbergasted to see myself in broken pieces of time….
Hurriedly I went down the street ..
That is adjacent to my place of dreams,
On the way I   met a person,
who was honest and genuine…
Worriedly I asked him,
do you see me distorted,
He replied with a saddened face,
True ! you look! tattered in places…
Dejected and disowned,
I felt,
I fell on the
altar of a sacred shrine,
whose steps I had never climbed…
Tears filled eyes,bruised heart,
I resigned myself to the idol of thine!
A voice I heard ,
” what brings you here,
my poor child”?
I  shared my experiences,
wailing and crying all the time…
Radiance filled the chamber of the place and in my mind,
when I heard him saying,
“Don’t cry dear,
You have  a beautiful soul inside”…
The mirror which showed your image was cracked  itself at places,
The transparent river  showing  the broken part was filled with ripples ,
The person whom you asked was himself with a confused  heart,
How can you then see yourself in such shattered components  of art…
Look at me and see your soul,
for I shall show your true reflection,
whenever you are lost in this world anymore,
Come to me ,
I shall embrace your suffering and sorrows
Displaying your wonderful innermost core…

15 thoughts on “MY TRUE REFLECTION

  1. nightlake September 29, 2012 / 3:18 pm

    beautiful words with a deep meaning. yes, the soul is what really matters

  2. Tapish Gupta September 30, 2012 / 10:48 am

    loved it.. beautifully written 🙂

    • soumyav September 30, 2012 / 10:55 am

      Thanks Tapish for reading and liking it!

  3. SinPSarkar September 30, 2012 / 11:47 am

    wow! Beautiful!
    It’s such and unknown reason but obvious that we always think of ourselves the way others think of us! And it’s the very reason we get so upset at times!

    • soumyav September 30, 2012 / 12:44 pm

      Thanks Pankaj for getting the gist!

  4. drsuraiyanasim September 30, 2012 / 1:58 pm

    This is so deep and profound! Exquisitely written…the way you have projected the thoughts is amazing.
    Taking in the views of a confused heart…….can indeed lead the person to doubt oneself.
    I just love this absolutely and tremendously!

    • soumyav September 30, 2012 / 2:02 pm

      Thank you Suraiya and I knew you would love this one! its a truth that we rarely follow or heed to…

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