An early morn,
when I saw myself in the mirror of the hall,
I was shocked to see,  small fragments in a scattered form…
Frightened I… ran to a  nearby river,noble and clear,
sitting on the banks , I looked for the image that shone
I was flabbergasted to see myself in broken pieces of time….
Hurriedly I went down the street ..
That is adjacent to my place of dreams,
On the way I   met a person,
who was honest and genuine…
Worriedly I asked him,
do you see me distorted,
He replied with a saddened face,
True ! you look! tattered in places…
Dejected and disowned,
I felt,
I fell on the
altar of a sacred shrine,
whose steps I had never climbed…
Tears filled eyes,bruised heart,
I resigned myself to the idol of thine!
A voice I heard ,
” what brings you here,
my poor child”?
I  shared my experiences,
wailing and crying all the time…
Radiance filled the chamber of the place and in my mind,
when I heard him saying,
“Don’t cry dear,
You have  a beautiful soul inside”…
The mirror which showed your image was cracked  itself at places,
The transparent river  showing  the broken part was filled with ripples ,
The person whom you asked was himself with a confused  heart,
How can you then see yourself in such shattered components  of art…
Look at me and see your soul,
for I shall show your true reflection,
whenever you are lost in this world anymore,
Come to me ,
I shall embrace your suffering and sorrows
Displaying your wonderful innermost core…

15 thoughts on “MY TRUE REFLECTION

  1. wow! Beautiful!
    It’s such and unknown reason but obvious that we always think of ourselves the way others think of us! And it’s the very reason we get so upset at times!

  2. drsuraiyanasim

    This is so deep and profound! Exquisitely written…the way you have projected the thoughts is amazing.
    Taking in the views of a confused heart…….can indeed lead the person to doubt oneself.
    I just love this absolutely and tremendously!

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