In pursuit of happiness,

the heart wanders,

in the dense jungles or while  crossing  troubled waters,

sometimes in arms of prostitutes he searches for the ensemble,

or falls  in feet of drinking or gamble,

hallucinating the seeker,

tremendous are lures …  in the world of beguiling  desires….




Like a nomad he can roam through steep mountains and roads,

living like an ascetic renunciating worldly chores,

meditating for hours to reawaken the sleeping force,

but Alas! he gets nothing in  search of his goal…

Money ,fame he  wants  even while in robe of saffron attire,

attachments of life never he leaves till the time he is on funeral pyre,

Why to forsake all these  or embrace the worldly sins,

when nothing leads  to the  truth….

even with all capabilities…?




The light one day dawns upon him,

at the right moment with a  gleam,

when  he has been tempered with sorrows and grief,

still   loving  every soul selflessly…

For then ,shall a hand be there,

to pull him  out of  dark,

illuminating the mysterious path,

absorbing the inquisitive thought,

caressing the soul with a golden touch,

showing the right paseo,

invigorating with HIS  grace ,

in the endless journey

of seeking thee and knowing the self….


23 thoughts on “IN PURSUIT

  1. Manu Kurup

    Every soul in search of happiness needs a helping hand. Some might call it God, some might call it something else but it is obvious that help will be given at some point of time when it is essential. I guess, it is that hope that gives us all a breather… 🙂
    Nice poem Soumya.

  2. drsuraiyanasim

    So soulful and full of insight….Indeed, out of profound grief comes an awakening to the Lord. So, it becomes a blessing in disguise.
    The worldly charms and materialistic objects never quench the thirst of the soul for peace and tranquility. It’s only when we seek the Almighty beyond ourselves will we get true fulfillment.

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