Turned my back!

Myriad dreams in the heart,
Of your presence and your warmth,
broke the glass of mirage,
that held the illusioned image…
The mirror of my heart envisioned,
you as an epitome,
just to later realise …
you impersonating as someone  unknown…
what do you derive …
from the shattered crushed pieces of glass,
reflecting my broken dreams ..
which I know will never last…
Genuine expressions I gave,
evincing the thoughts,
What makes you act in a miserable way,
when I still await your call?
Ignoring you ,I never imagined,
neglecting could never happen,
brushing aside my presence,
you wander forth …!
Will I ever break my shell,
in which I got enclosed,
with confidence I had shared …
my feelings out of blue…
The soul no longer wants to cry,
nor wishes to get hurt,
my heart doesn’t break now,
since it missed your pulse…
Time changes, seasons change,
everything transforms in the big game,
Now I have turned my back,
never to look back again..

14 thoughts on “Turned my back!

  1. This pierced my heart dearest saumya for i connected to it immediately. Each word as if an echo of my soul. Somehow as if you had treapassed into my heart and read a secret note.
    This is breathtakingly beautiful and for me beyond words….for i drowned in it.

  2. Pawan Hira

    It could be the only one in your collection — sadness circling your mind.
    It is expressed justifiedly. This is a phase, and in acceptance you will move for another ride of living life.

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