Whispering words I absorbed,

as they came with the fragrant gust of thought,

lingering feeling overwhelmed the spine,

that you missed me for a  moment some time…

The experience of knowing ,

the sense of  realizing,

the depth of the feeling …

That canorous music rings in my ears…

Inspite of being  trapped in  the adverse conditions,

pinned down by extreme pressures,

a  sentiment in your bosom  so caressing originates…

so carminative… my  heart resonates…

Words of gesture or,

words of love,

they conjunct us for an instant,

as  the essence is rendered.

Contour of the emotions

symbolize a crest and trough,

As I feel the spirit of the affection….


18 thoughts on “WHISPERING WORDS

  1. So beautiful! Talking to the inner self ! Revisiting the lands of past! Hearing back those sounds and chimes and rhymes!
    Lovely and very much taking the reader to your world as well! 🙂

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