Admiring the  widespread of a twinkling starry aura,

Staring at  the shimmering of the minute dots,

few light years away  from the earth,

pervading  smile that transmits   intensely onto the planet…

Where do  they derive the energy to glow, 

even in the darkest night with all furore,

whether its day or night,

full moon or a lunar eclipse to fight! 

Such fervour and zeal to remain the same,

a few clouds sometimes just cover their trail…

Glittering soothing astral panorama,

with stellar diamonds bedecking the aura,

enchants and enthralls ,

a loner under the darkened  sky…

The  great constellation of stars,

 what purpose they have to carry on,

 twinkling and immobile,

what eudemonia is the sight!

Mute yet powerful specks,

in their 

wordless yet inspirational ways,

sparkle and shine throughout..

radiate  lustrously in vacantness…



17 thoughts on “STARS

  1. drsuraiyanasim

    Sigh!…..and from where do you derive such lovely creativity from?….so as to write in such an expressive and mesmerising way about something as tiny and twinkling as stars! 🙂
    Enchanting like bright starry nights!

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