On the golden beaches of the sea,
where  day and night always meet,
the place on earth…one horizon,
where sun shines with warmth…
 the night dazzles with moon and stars …
A walk on such a  sandy beach ,
fills the heart with joy and delight,
hand in hand the couples go,
barefooted on wet shores…
to feel the wetness of the sands
the dampness and the friction of the land….
The small journey along the waves,
watching the crest and trough quaint,
the waters reaching the feet …and receding…
Makes us realize the dimension of life ,
diminishing the bloated pain. ..
within the structure of our frame…
The cool breeze swaying the hair,
the wavy sea absorbs the thoughts…
of sorrows and struggles in despair,
refreshing the mind and soul within…
Such a stroll by the sea,
 with you, beside me, 
forgetting the routine,
being with you in your dreams,
feeling the tender vibes of heart,
in the moments of the hour…
I missed the times,
I missed the feel…
the romance in the air serene …
we both lost the road ,
of the journey to the world of  dreams…

18 thoughts on “A LOST JOURNEY

  1. drsuraiyanasim

    Exquisite imagery….it transformed me to the golden beaches at sunset and i could inhale the aura of waves. You have so breathtakingly captured the beauty of it that i developed a severe ache inside me to visit the beach again….waves have been flowing in my head for the past few days.
    This poetry is full of tender romance in everyway.

  2. Pawan Hira

    This somehow settles with my mood right now. It is a beach of life, and I assume it is a reflection of your calm senses.
    Beautifully done, Soumya. 🙂

  3. millions and trillions of likes.
    you know …. i love the sea scene …. i spent the last few weeks of the summer vacation directly on the sea shore that sometimes i hate to sleep so as not to miss any single moment of such beauty …. and here you painted that beauty with ur words >> reminding me of those lovely moments….. thank YOU soooo much.

    1. Welcome Amany for all your love that you shower here on me and my poems..I love reading your reactions after you go thru my posts..loved that it made you feel connected.. 🙂

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