As I pat on his back in the early hours of the morn,

he turns around and grins “let me sleep for few more minutes,Mom”…

“Few minutes wnt make you fresh ,but you will miss the bus instead,

life never waits  for  you,value the minutes before they rule you…”  ,as I  scream.

grumbling and irritating he gets up stamping his feet.


As he  freshens up,running hastily here and there,

I pack of his tiffin,ensuring he carries himself with care,

hurriedly he leaves to catch the bus for the  school ,

this is the little  boy of mine, now stepping in the teen’s shoes…


The teenagers of today live in a world of  imaginations,

forgetting the rest around,engrossed in their games activation,

PSP,PS2 every day the name and game changes through,

computer is a toy for them, Tablet , I- pad are  their  ardent truth…


Inquisitiveness rules their mind, confused they get on every hour and every mile,

Parents nag to the core is what they all think,

Advising  them now becomes more elegant and serene,

criticizing a point can create havoc at homes…

So better you all watch out… if you have teens at home!


Still I do love my sweet little boy,

Just stepping into the teens and being a darling guy!

Unlike the others he is too matured,

despite  irritating me and putting me on nerves…

but l he is a wonder boy of mine,

adjusting to every surrounding,

even when we shift places in no time…


God bless the innocence that he possesses,

May all the dreams he perceive

 get achieved in future

Just a wish I carry  while he grows up…

That he  remains  humble and sincere to  his  conscience…


38 thoughts on “JUST STEPPED !

  1. they r pampered, always getting attention & rather too dependent on moms, this makes them all the more sensitive, but they’re more mature than v imagine…. very true, Soumya… experiencing the same sitn wid my 9-yr old daughter…. in many lines u’ve said out wot i’m xperiencing….

  2. Just leave him through the way he likes and don’t go for frequent unnecessary restrictions in front of him! This is a common TREND behind the SUCCESS of our present generation tagged buds. He looks so great and mature too.\m/ 🙂


  3. drsuraiyanasim

    Awwww…such a sweet and amusing poem. 🙂
    Every word you wrote about today’s kids rings so true.
    May he grow up to be a kind, sweet and humble gentleman (which i am sure he will….for he has such a sweet mom. 🙂 )

  4. Gosh! My Mumma also tells me the tales of my childhood and I feel amazed how times have changed and how did I!
    Lovely Read!
    Takes me back to childhood! 🙂
    And lucky him to get a poem from his Mom! 🙂

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