This post is dedicated to my mother who celebrates her birthday today and Iam thousands of miles away from her. ..so thought of wishing her this way!


From the blessings of your soul,

I came in  this world ,

nurtured by your intense affection,

groomed with lots of love…

You infused me  with tender thoughts,

inculcating in me the traditions of every form…

You ! A  reflection of immaculate self,

Patience that is endless even in storms and pain,

I grew up with  compassion imbibed within,

to love every soul  that I come across in the life’s stream…

A delicate image of godliness, a rare sight of pristine beauty,

your heart has been a dwelling of devotion and duty…

Life of hardship and struggles you have lead,

still you adjusted in every situation with grace,

 your life has been a blessing of  the God,

who took over all your ails …

to let us be with you for longer period…

I tried to be the one as you had perceived,

The virtues hence I possess have  been your gift…

Sentimental and suave are the only jewels you bedeck,

as we two children are  gems of your life and wealth…

I found myself wordless to describe your existence,

for me you are the  source of my very own endurance…



24 thoughts on “A DEDICATION

  1. drsuraiyanasim

    A heartfelt and loving dedication to a mother.
    Happy birthday to her! May she have a long and healthy life with more joys to come!

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