Hearing your silent steps in the shrine,

my temple showed an expression of intersecting lines,

focussing hard on the audible silence,

trying to figure out who tiptoed!

the doors had been closed since long,

enclosing the beau ideal ,

in the huge walls

fortified strong…

who dared to trespass…

and penetrate inside

breaking the vacuumed atmosphere…

of the soundless place,without a noise…

lighting up the alleys and the old chambers,

elucidating the strong doors to break through and open,

for years it lay,chained and unmoving,

abruptly , a fountain of natural spring started egressing…

Reinstating  life in the image,

purifying the virtual cage,

The virtuoso mutely,

sprinkles …

drops of rejuvenescence…

The soul revivifies and resuscitates…


10 thoughts on “THE VIRTUOSO

  1. drsuraiyanasim

    This is so beautiful to read….
    I imagined it as a lonely and abandoned heart rejunvenated and revived by the breaking in of true love…and it spreads it’s light to end the darkness…..or it could be the love of God.
    What does it actually mean?

    1. Thanks Suraiya! it defines both states..depends on the reader what belief he/she wants to believe in.. whether love or God.. Thats why I never try to put any intro about the poem or topic that I write coz I want the reader to be free about the thoughts that are generated with the flow of reading…

      1. drsuraiyanasim

        That’s real nice….for me it was “love” when i first read it.
        Then it was “God” when i read it again. You are amazing! 🙂

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