A wonderful way to start the day and a beautiful piece of award to motivate us on the path of blogging everyday.

Thanks to Asha from http://ashaseth.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award. She is an excellent writer and has numerous stories and experiences to share with you. You get immersed  in the deep  thoughtful loving posts of hers.

Certain rules are to be followed for this award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the 11 questions .

3.Nominate 11 bloggers for the same.

Let me answer the eleven question put up for me by Asha…

  1. A book that changed your  life  :  Autobiography of a yogi
  2. Your favourite author/writer : Paulo Coelho
  3. Pet and its name: Haven’t got any
  4. Craziest thing you have done: While I was in school ,there was a hill behind our school and the students were forbidden to climb that due to safety reasons,as it was very steep. Just after my 10th exams ,me along with some friends climbed the huge steep hill and the on the way back,got lost,some of us slipped and as we got down,teachers were already looking for the missing students of the class. we sneaked though and made an excuse of our absence for that long time..
  5. My best friend: She is no more,lost her in 1995,due to brain haemorrage.
  6. A childhood prank: when in grade 2,I spilled water on everyone’s place in the class, and also didn’t spare mine,so as noone should feel,I had done that. I dnt remember why I did that.
  7. Favourite music artist: Talat Mehmood, kishore kumar
  8. A place you  would love to visit: Switzerland
  9. If I had just 5 minutes left to live what is the one thing I would do? Sit quietly and pray to god to let everyone live peacefully and happily.
  10. Favourite sport: Badminton,Volleyball
  11. how do I define love? The pulse of life.

The eleven nominees for these award are:

  1. Prashant
  2. Neeraj
  3. Suraiya
  4. June
  5. Wendell
  6. Archana
  7. eleamany
  8. Tapish
  9. land of fun
  10. Naima
  11. stefan


Best wishes and congratulations to everyone and Happy blogging!




  1. Congratulations and thank you.
    The craziest thing was awesome – seems like someone was naughty in their teenage so now you can’t blame your kids!! 😉
    With love,

  2. I am honored by your nomination for this wonderful award. Honor and a great pleasure to receive this award from you just thank you very much once again I will soon meet its obligations versus reward. I want to say once again you are brilliant and thank you!
    with love maxima

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