Hidden behind the moments of time,
how long 
shall you be flying,
from perch to branch ,
leaping across streams,
wading through the thick woods,
vanishing in dreams…
Lost land of invisible wants,
cravings and desires of strange sort,
vast spread  of glittering stones,
sparkling and twinkling the eyes more….
Slipping out of the grip of my soul,
diminishing the stature of conscience grown,
the shine of the luxuries and lust,
triggers and fuses the heart’s bulb…
O! Avaritia ! how long will you run! 

21 thoughts on “AVARITIA

  1. The human heart and the human mind are so connected yet so contradicting. One has the feel and the other has has the logic. One knows no boundaries and the other terms it as sin.
    So, now we exactly know why God gave us a soul ! 😉

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