From the pages of history,

I bookmark a leaf  to read,

which is to me 

 of utmost priority,

The day when the earth shook,

the world around got shocked and hooked…


A king had been disgraced from his worth,

from his place,

to lead a  life like a normal being,

struggling for a coin ,

irony of the life had brought..

what fate upon the noble wrought…

who dispersed coins and money as such…

as if he had treasure unearthed…


Destiny had her word around,

and now the king looks in search of ground,

where he can get some shelter on…

for  his kith and kin to shroud…

But see this man of great  virtue!

never he feared  the world so untrue,

his faith in the greatest creator of earth,

makes him always  stand apart…


For him,nothing is small or big,

work is victory ,

he does feel,

with a hope and wish in heart,

a zeal to win back the kingdom lost,

he fights back with all fervour,

with the blessings of the God…


I am still to find the page down there,

in the book of  this chronicle  fair,

the day when he shall reign the place,

that has been lost due to the fate’s play…

flicking the script of destiny,

I am awaiting the momentous  moment to begin…

21 thoughts on “A PAGE OF HISTORY

    1. Thanks Amit! there is always a story behind my lines.This one is a metaphor used for the life of a very respected close person who has experienced extreme ups and downs of life . This one relates to one such instance.

  1. Insha’Allah the day will come when you can begin….
    And we will know further what was destined…
    Epic….inspirational…and in the end curiously incomplete… 🙂

  2. All that you write brings the light of great wisdom into the hearts and minds of many…i consider myself blessed to breathe of your words beautiful aroma and life…for with each breath comes a smile, and with each smile a sweet blessing of joy that lasts throughout our day!.Thank you my sister for the dear blessing!

    1. Its our small experiences that take form of verse, those if accepted with an open heart tend to bring more happiness . Thanks Wendell for all the wishes.

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