Within the  inner burrows of the  heart,

hidden in a floral form,

petals enclosed tightly,

lies a bud  inconspicous of  its beauty…

As the breeze of warm thoughts,

a little light of concern and hope,

touches the nipped bud, an innocuous one,

the velvety folds start curling ,

 opening from the core…

Little shower of care and love,

freedom to breathe and respire ,

the flower blossoms with  dignity,

in the most audacious fashion…

The garden of the heart 

majestically fragrances …

the nectar of love…

as  its…

esteemed real essence .

25 thoughts on “A BUD WITHIN THE HEART

  1. Oh, this is breathtakingly lovely and the aroma of roses are emanating from your words.
    The silent kingdom of hearts bloom with the touch of love, care, and kind words. I absolutely loved this poem!

  2. Yet its very beginning came from a selfless act of love…For it tasted the nurturing of a soft tender hand, it was fed from a heart that always shares it love to all abundantly , and the sweet fertilizer of life’s breath touched gently the heart of this young bud…and it excitingly responded to its full embrace of life…and it thrived because at the very beginning it felt the most beautiful gift the world has to offer, and this is why its beauty will not falter because its foundation, its root is a part of a pure.true love whose breath is eternal! A very lovely poem Soumyav! May your day be always blessed abundantly!

  3. when you are all exhausted and parched and can’t find a place to rest…close your eyes, know the shade inside your own heart and you shall find a place to rest.

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