Hi everyone !

Everyone whom I have followed and each follower who has taken the decision of following me ,its so encouraging because of you all that I could reach this mark of 300th post so easily. It is neither any historical number nor any milestone that I have achieved,but just another milestone on the journey of blogging which somehow makes me feel thankful to all the followers and readers who have inspired me and encouraged me.

I am myself so astonished to find myself writing so many posts and that too almost 90% of them are poems. This world which represents a minuscule of the outer world has given ample opporunities to bloom as an individual and blossom into the most passionate cherishable role.

Iam nevertheless grateful to many fellow bloggers who have supported,accepted,corrected ,rectified me in every way .

I would like to share with you all today a short story which is based on a true life incident.


It was 9.30 in the morning and she  was getting very late for the  school.As she walked past the corridor, a sense of fear shook her back again.

A friend had told her if you just cut out few stitches from the end of your tunic,it will increase in length and will fit you properly below the knees.So you will not have to buy a new one this time and you can use the old dress for the whole year.

Ina few minutes ,she was inside the class  sitting in her place. She was the most brilliant student of the class,who always stood first but was very quiet in nature.Hardly anyone saw her fighting or having a dispute with anyone.

A meek lamb,everyone thought of her or a snob!

She was just 9years old.

Suddenly the class stood up to greet the teacher who had entered the room. She managed to sneak behind the other students ,though she couldn’t manage it.The teacher called byher  name . Mutely she went and stood  near the teacher. The whole class was laughing at her.

A small girl with a white shirt and maroon tunic ,two dangling pigtails on either side ,everything seemed normal. She hadn’t forgotten to wear the  tie either.

Just then the teacher pulled a long piece of the torn tunic that was hanging out down her knees from on side.

The dress was torn and it was clearly visible. She had done as her friend had adviced and it got torn off completely from a place.

The teacher scornfully said,  “You are supposed to be the daughter of a rich businessman,as everybody says, and you aren’t ashamed to wear such a dress in school or is this the style that is in trend nowadays.” And she along with others laughed and mocked.

The little one had tears rolling down from her eyes.

Standing silently,she could not say that her dad had suffered huge financial losses  in last few months and they had to shift to a very small house of three rooms from a palatial place .He was struggling to manage the survival of his family and her mother had been lying on bed due to prolonged sickness since the last few months…

51 thoughts on “300th !!!

  1. Wow – wonderful dear !
    You are awesome dear …n amazing writer ..and so supportive human being…with a lovable nature !
    All the best for your writing skills !

  2. 300 is a very nice number. Congratulations on achieving that.
    🙂 That too with wonderful posts that I love. The story made me a bit sad, though. Keep going. 😀

    1. Thank you Manu for every post that you read and like…for the encouraging words of inspiration.This story I wanted to share today as it reflects a very strong side of nature.”Not to create an opinion of anyone without knowing the facts and not to judge the person by that.”

  3. My heartiest congrats dear Soumya! 300 is like WOW!!! What a number!
    Amazing! I do enjoy all your posts. Do keep writing.

    The story is ver, very touching…made me feel sad.
    Sometimes teachers can be so…i don’t know…cruel? insensitive?
    But it’s true of our schools, no teacher tries to get beyond the exterior and really help out the students with their problems in a genuine way.
    I know what it feels like to be mocked at. Heartbreaking.
    But nevertheless i really liked the short story.

    1. Thanks a lot suraiya! you have always been the most interactive of my readers and the one of the most lovable too. Iam really happy that you have enjoyed my posts and I shall try to touch your heart with many more. About the story ,I know its sad,but the I posted it here just to make aware that sadness sometimes brings a sense of sensitiveness,compassion and consideration beneath it. Such experience makes the person more stronger in nature not in any wrong sense,but a better one.

  4. ahh..stories…when sung with the freshened aroma of memories not too distant…do bring back the pain and joy in the most purest of forms. I am glad there is no continuation of this “one”.

  5. That is such a sad story… 😦 btw congrats on your feat !.. looking forward to more short stories from you : ) and I just adore you as a blogger. love ur poems. Keep em coming. 🙂 Cheers.

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