hovering over the confused mind ,

clouds of grey ,

condense and rain…

lightening shivers the spine below,

travelling down to quiver

the heart mellow…


water pouring drenching the soul,

cleansing all doubts,

from the cells as whole…


whenever a dark haze obscure

the thoughts,

pray for some drops

of his divine gesture…

soaking and impruing

in the drops of grace,

will wither out …

each and every pain…






17 thoughts on “DROPS OF DIVINE GRACE

  1. Hey! Did you just compared the clouds with the confusion, the fear, the dillema or such other evils? And did you just compared the rain with the strength to fight it back?
    I took it that way and I loved it! 🙂

  2. Enthralling and refreshing….i love poems about rain but you have gone to a whole new level where it becomes metaphorical and cools the soul
    Beautifully expressed….

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