Abandoned on the path of  survival,

lost and strangled by dejecting remarks,

looked down as failures downtrodden,

As being human …was just a  mere conjunction…

Trying  to climb  with balance,

rocky steep and steps terrain,

cliff on a side,another a ravine,

whom to hold while we descent?

Hearts tender, flooding with emotions,

hardly an ear for our expressions,

mediocre called and middling along,

will we ever get any chance to embark on?

Race is the life,we heard and saw,

speed matters … even if  it meant stamping the draw,

routes marked ,still runners cut across,

luck  favours.. ..God looks on!

Imbibed in us the faith of sincerity ,

climbing every step with patience infinity,

we will soon  reach the glorious  shores,

A pinnace waits for us…

… on the banks of destiny…



22 thoughts on “THRU THE EYES OF A SLOW-MO

  1. I admire the highs and lows that this poem tries to paint. On every ascent, a descent awaits- the experience of which is always so bitter to imagine that it is hardly imagined. Yes, getting an ear for all that we try to say is quite difficult.

    1. Thanks Amit for liking it . Its an usual scenario of life ,people who tend to slow down or fall back are always left alone ,with society looking at them strangely with demotivating comments..

  2. Manu Kurup

    Loved the philosophy.
    I have felt often felt that everything is slowly becoming a race for even those who are not interested in participating.

  3. drsuraiyanasim

    Very insightful…makes us ponder.
    Sometimes being slow in life equates to being average or vice-versa….but i have seen that it is the most average of ppl who are able to make a happy life and be satisfied in it. Life is indeed full of ups and downs. We can only hold strong and move on.
    I liked that this poem ended on a positive note…. inspiring!

  4. destiny is just a tool to know that there is always a path drafted for you by the almighty but how you take the journey would depend upon your understandings of life and it’s pieces.

  5. Pawan Hira

    You shared the path.
    You showed the path.
    I shall not wait, but I shall move.
    Life in a moving picture,
    how can you connect so easily to life, Soumya ?
    You are a magic, and sensibilities I find through time that moves.
    Humble, caring — a world I see.
    Thank you for alleviating souls to grow.

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