Around the corner of the street is a shop of sweets,

a small one with the asbestos roof,

aroma saturated till the end of  the road’s zoom…

It is my  favourite spot in the town,

sitting there for hours around…

saturating my senses with the strong smell

is a favourite pastime that I have found…

Iam mute and dumb since  birth,

senses I have only few to run,

words of speech I never learnt,

sound is a stranger in my world…

watching the people throughout,

I muse on the experiences encountered,

gazing at their moving lips ,

I get bewildered and become  confound…

Feelings speckless,

emotions spotless,

my eyes are the only vent ,

to flow with  incessant impressions…

The petty shop along the road,

whose significance few can know,

that how  it feels …

when a beaming smile transmits across,

my deaf and dumb grinning face…


23 thoughts on “THE SHOP OF SWEETS !!

  1. drsuraiyanasim

    Sweet and touching to the core.
    I loved the fact that how it was more about the vision of the dumb and mute person than about the sweet shop.
    You have written it so tenderly…i could read it again and again….

  2. Woowww!!! So Sweet!! …Feeling so nostalgic right away! It reminded me of a time when I was much younger and I had a story! Then I used to love sweets more than anything else! :):)

  3. this “shop of sweets” is the block on the corner of our lives where we keep coming back in our times of confusions and happiness alike…to seek the real self…or to forget the same.

  4. Pawan Hira

    detailed voice, and firmly rooted in varied colours. I love the flow it creates, where it moves around the sweet shop. It is indeed peaceful, simply enchanting.

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