Laughing through the trees,

gliding through the slopes,

hopping on every bush of rose,

a lovely sweet birdie chirps,

smiling at the worldly echoes!

since the morning she ‘s out from her nest,

cozying inside she hates and snares,

flying and jumping amidst the plants,

she loves the  virgin  nature…

Astoundingly she watches the sky,

changing colours from dawn till twilight,

running stream and the ripples for seconds,

fleeing next moment to the golden fields …

butterflies ,bees, colourful birds,

in the camouflage of the flowers of the world,

In an awe the birdie learns ,

the amazing ways of being a  bird,

she sings and dances with her little wings,

amusing enough for  a  passer-by to wink…

Till the crepuscle arms her …

back to her nestle…

for  a  warm snuggle….



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