A  creaking noise disrupts the quietness of the dark,

A shadow moves quietly  along the corners of the wall,

a squeaky disturbance is heard suddenly,

with some utensils falling in the kitchen ostentatiously…

A sudden upsurge awakes the mind,

Is it a thief for larceny?

Carrying a knife with him,

to slit  if I scream ?

A squealing sound breaks the haunting silence of the night,

stopping my breath for an instance in the darkened time,

groping and fumbling for the switch ,

I stumble upon something..and scream upright….

What was that ? which my skin felt,

soft,and fleshy ….Oh !!ooo!!! like a melting gel,

The moment  I turn on the light,

I am ashamed to find a small cat beside,

trying to find her way out from the entangled bundle of textile…

In a hurry,I had forgotten to shut the rear door of the yard,

from where the little one had arrived,

in hope of some milk lukewarm,

the smell had surely made her lick …her whiskers in the kitchen sink,

where she bumbled and tripped,

letting the dishware go and slip….

shocking me with strangest botch,

later making me smile ..

for my stupid ridiculous thought!  🙂



31 thoughts on “A THIEF -ONE NIGHT

      1. yes =( I won’t be here starting from Friday ,I’m getting back ti work, my vacation is over and school will be opened ,I’m a teacher Soumya =) I work away from home =) I will be missing you so much ,miss your encouraging words too=)

        1. Oh ! I can understand ,working and staying away from home..thts so sad…. all the very best to you Siheem! Here also the vacation ended yesterday and the schools hve reopenedand its good and great to know that you are a teacher..a very noble profession.. but hope u are able to log in sometimes in between..shall miss u too!

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