Beneath the superficial stratum,

resides nascence of turbulent feelings,

stashed away as futile,

in the due course of life’s pain…

Piled and heaped with printings,

 impressions of  lost emotions,

accumulated and corroded ,

with rust coated on layers…

Materialistic ambitions,

high end inhibitions,

running endlessly for,

unending desires…

Before this degradation ,

abases the humiliates,

chagrins to mortify the 

soul of the entity…

A little scraping and abrasion

of  sensations,

making sensitive to affection,

soft touch of warm tenderness ,

will remove all the corrosion…

Create a vent in the stratum,

to ventilate the true emotions with

fresh air of  humaneness,

allowing the heart and soul to ,

rekindle the compassion…










16 thoughts on “CORROSION

  1. Pawan Hira

    ….and here we are cleaned by your thoughts. To feel and love is a way.
    To feel and neglect is another way. To accept the way and feel love is a connection I live with..Inner life is so vast, we have to clear our eyes. 🙂

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