Lost in the dense clouds of pride,

walking arrogantly with every stride,

blind to the vision of the life beyond,

Superbia is the only thing in mind…

Obsessed with self importance,

the thick fog never seems to eradicate..

bemused own thoughts as classical,

rest of the world lies bewildered…

Egoism obscures the psyche and mind,

creating a false mist over the pride,

without self realization it cannot deplete,

Superbia is such anย  infectious disease…


19 thoughts on “SUPERBIA

  1. Pawan Hira

    Pride is a disease, and it is the cause of having eyes imbued in inequality. It is the intensity of being over the top, living and manipulating self in pleasures of fake identity. It is the lack of courage, fear and insecurity. It is a wall of pompous brick.

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