Silence in the nameless  bond…restless heart sweeping over the night serene…

innumerable unheard thoughts stepping noiselessly  in the land of dreams…

creating a lovely picture of  imagination with colours supreme,

A Shangri-la is evolved through deepest emotions lying within…

Splices of  feelings conjured in air,

forms an attachment invisible and rare,

associations of  former past,

adheres the strings even in this birth…


unknown strange relations get encountered…

Pertaining heights of  poignancy,

these invisible ties …

have a magical effect of allusiveness..

charming with affection intense…

We ,as just marionettes,

controlled by the creator himself,

donned and fiddled for  his peruse,

never can envisage a play,

determining our own character display…

Resolute mind ,with belief,

faith in all extreme,

shall pave the mysterious way…









11 thoughts on “MARIONETTES

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    1. Thank you Prashant! from the lines you ended…

      And my existence lies in being attached to the strings,
      wherever they pull or guide me…
      for I know not where I go from here..
      on which path I have to travel…

  1. …..and here we realise our own extreme helplessness as the strings are held by God and we are mere puppets!
    A poem full of wisdom and truth of life.

  2. I have learned from you Soumya that a poet can write a poem about anything even things that go unnoticed by people ,and that depends on the talent of the poet and the way he or she wove his or her words =)

    1. It all depends on us Siheem what are things important and valuable for us,even if they are unnoticed,our true feelings bring them out in some form! loved your love and so much attention.

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