Ripping the delicate skin apart,

coagulated gets the blood in a mass,

torn soul, with aspires crushed…

dreams killed for honor of the mass…

Flying high with colourful wings,

intermingling , entwining beings,

innocence lives trampled apart,

strangulated life for the honor of the mass…

Will those fascinating birds ever fly,

Shall anyone dare to ask why?

Reason for  effacing the avian,

tossing off just for the honor of  the mass…

The nests are empty ,vacuumness within,

will the souls of mass…ever be in peace,

slaying the lives so guiltless,

do they call themselves sinless?

Every spirit is worthy,

resolving its own entity,

purposing its living on earth,

driving towards the divinely being…






18 thoughts on “AVIAN

  1. This poem is painful and deep. It questions our integrity.
    Do we really respect the creations of God?….and we call ourselves….such devotees of the divine.
    When were we ever fair to natural beauty or even to ourselves???
    This poem is gorgeous….loved it.

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