aromatic musk secreting,permeating through the moist skin,
gets diffused in the atmosphere ,
intoxicating the air breathed…
lavender on the other hand, brisked the beats,
engulfing the calm breeze,
agitated it to exhilarate…
intense hold of the musk,
embraces the sweet delicate touch,
kindling a flame of passion to be burnt!
stirring lavender flowers the way,
arousing the musky origin at the bay,
amalgamation of the fragrances …
ensuing for a natural essence…

23 thoughts on “AMALGAMATION

  1. this was a journey in land of fragrance.

    if i could get my wishes granted i would have so loved to stand right in the middle of a lavender field 🙂 stretched from one horizon to the other and fully covered with blooming flowers.

  2. Love always has many fragrances the most basic and beautiful is from the natural fragrance of her skin, and the sweet fragrance of her mouth, the lovely breath that embraces from the heart, the beautiful lovely scents from the marketplace complete the whole package. Yet Love dances in it own special joy, which triggers its own beautiful natural perfumes when love is shared in the purest of ways. That very special natural scent never disappears but is always present and so heavenly, Your words brought about many different meanings to many but all culminated in the special smells and fragrances of love that showers love with sweet blessings ….your poem stimulated the mind very well! .Beautiful poem my sister!

    1. Thank you so much Wendell for your choicest of words to explain my simple poem ,very truly said that love has its own fragrances that possesstheir own special essence….It really depicted a whole world of love in your comments and presence. Thanks again for all your blessings ..

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