Where hath thou vanished from the thoughts,

everything is the same even the dew drops,

Confined why art thou  seeing my side,

Are thou getting conscious or sublime?

whatever rationality thou possesses!

My soul will always believe for ages,

An enduring relief for the excruciating pain,

Is instilled in my heart with rays of faith…

Show the magnetic  presence ! my  thou  friend!

without whom! the world is dead! 

28 thoughts on “THOU !

  1. this “thou” is not the third person it seems !
    this “thou” seems to be the personification of something very strong and pious !
    Best of luck girl ! 🙂

  2. ….driven by pureness, you carry a light with emotions of joy spirit. Phrased finely with your continuous glowing heart. 🙂

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