Moistured  feelings, poignant emotions,

archaic antiques of human expressions…

materialistic thoughts, bizzared directions,

modernistic ways of  survival…

Humility ,kindness,

consideration of the past…

selfcentredness and ambition,

aspiration of the present flaws…

Natural innocence ruled the hearts,

previously just with a glance,

Gorgeous figures , wholesome wallets,

attract everyone’s fervor for a chance….

Immaculate , tender love …

pages of history,

Pragmatic , virtual  lust,


harnessess the Amor…


15 thoughts on “AMOR – Then & Now

  1. Very true! Could connect to it!
    Same thought did I pour in my poem I Don’t Wish the Angel Back!
    And that’s why I say “Romeo and Juliet rest in peace in some pages of some romantic book now!” 🙂 Lovely read:)

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