Iam just a little drunk now,

Not that I get drunk everyday!

Hours unrested, every second moving,

I could not wink for a moment today…

Memories shortlived amorous feelings,

remembering the old times of our dwelling,

shocks of undying love blasted,

intermittently ,I lay flabbergasted…

Unsure ,caducous times,

nothing in the life is everlasting,

A little of wine conjuring my senses,

evoking unbiased reflexes …

Immortal, ceaseless drink of ecstasy,

How will I get spared from thee!

It is the most blissful experience,

where nothing can ever go wrong!

Years and for ages,births to come,

submerged in it I shall sunk…

A drink of love , I had so pristine,

exalted I am in the blessings of divine…





14 thoughts on “A DROP OF DIVINE

  1. Think you’re drunk and whisper love: it’s just so fine
    True sight is only felt when blinds us the sunshine
    Doubting our potential isn’t but the denial of the within divine …
    Peace & Light

      1. Pawan Hira

        …and glorified in the divine beauty of soul, you are drunk, inking universal message of love. Your moment is seized with love, and it will create more related vibes. Devoted beautifully, Soumya. 🙂

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