Will you ever hold me as  when we had met,
dangling in your arms of love ,
with the same rhythm of adoration!
I miss the old times, the gentle swing of ardor,
where in the moments freeze within the time,
to be thoroughly melted!
The nearness of the intertwined souls,
the breath of air in between,
the magical tinge of the touch…
the splendour of the colourful world…
Will I ever have those instants ,
instant glow and instant moments,
rejuvenating the heart and sparkling the mind,
in your embrace within no time…
Will I again radiate like the glowing sun
 and spread the fragrance of jasmine in the zephyr…

11 thoughts on “FRAGRANCE OF JASMINE !

  1. Pawan Hira

    You are on a roll, love that. Strongly put, especially I’m touched by the last line. It is like remembrance of sweet and good memories; they are healthy for they create a good environment in the present state of being.
    It is positive energy living through. Beautiful, Soumya. 🙂

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